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Course Overview: FBA Masterclass 2017 – Launch a Profitable Amazon Brand Guide – View Infographic

Module 2: Finding and Validating Your First Amazon FBA Product Idea – View Infographic

Module 3: Turn Your Winning Idea into a Superior Product – View Infographic

Module 4: Find A Trusted Supplier to Private Label Your Product – View Infographic

Module 5: Create Perfect Amazon Listing – View Infographic

Module 6: Launching Your Amazon Product to the Top of the Search Results – View Infographic

Module 7: Ongoing Strategies to Outpace Your Competitors – View Infographic

Module 8: Automating and Outsourcing Your Business – View Infographic

Module 9: Turning Your Product Into a Million Dollar Brand – View Infographic

Module 10: The Technical Side of Amazon – View Infographic


Applications and Softwares:

Jungle Scout (Product Bonus)

Jungle scout is by far the best research software for generating, and validating winning product ideas on Amazon.

You can filter all of Amazons data by price, BSR, weight, competition, revenue and many more helpful ways.

Application necessity rating: 
Current Deal: $37 per month no cancelation fee or minimum commitment
Alternatives: Months of manually sorting through Amazon search results


Jungle Scout Extension ($20 Discount)

Jungle scout extension is an incredible tool for analyzing amazon search results all on one easy to understand page. It is great for finding out how much each of your competitors make, if there is an uptrend in the niche, and what the average reviews, product cost and rating is for each set of search results.


Application necessity rating: 9/10
Current Deal: One time $97 Lite or $197 Pro
Alternatives: Unicorn Smasher (Inferior but free)


AMZ Tracker

AMZ tracker will save you time and energy when looking to distribute coupon codes to trusted Amazon Consumers.

They make it so easy to upload your coupon codes and get them slowly exposed over time in front of thousands of people who will buy your product and help you boost your Amazon listing.


Application necessity rating: 9/10
Current Deal: $50 per month no cancelation fee or minimum commitment
Alternatives: Facebook groups, Forums, and friends and family

GET AMZTracker

Feedback Genius

Feedback Genius will let you personally email all of your customers with whatever content you want. It gives you the unique opportunity to automatically follow up and open a dialogue with your customers in order to send them PDFs, make sure they are happy, and ask them to leave a review! Provide each of your customers with a personalized experience, with just a one hour one-time setup!



Application necessity rating: 10/10
Current Deal: 30 day free trial and then $20 per month
Alternatives: Feedbackz, AMZMailer


Keyword Inspector

Keyword inspector will reveal all the relevant keywords for your products that your competitors are using. It will show you the search volume for each keyword and help you think of keywords that would be very hard to discover without using this program.

Keyword inspector is super quick and easy to use, and you only pay per keyword search.


Application necessity rating: 7/10
Current Deal: $20 one-time to get an extensive keyword ranking list for 6 products – just $3 per comprehensive product keyword list
Alternatives: Searching through Amazon and manually analyzing Competitor listings


Guided Imports

Guided Imports is the #1 service to take your Amazon product idea from idea to full scale production as quickly and easily as possible.

Once you find a product idea, simply give this professional team the specifications, and they will let you know what the product will cost to produce… source your suppliers… order samples for you… and have their professional negotiators negotiate on your behalf…

From there, they will even draft the purchase order and place the full scale production order, manage the production timeline and circumvent any issues… And EVEN take care of getting the products getting shipped to their final destination, whether this is your house or Amazon’s warehouse…

If you are looking for a real time saver to give yourself some legitimate time freedom… These guys are the ones you want on your team.


Application necessity rating: 2/10 for your first product – potentially up to 9/10 on your next products
Current Deal: $1,177 to take an entire product from Idea to Amazon’s warehouse
Alternatives: Sourcing Suppliers yourself, creating your own purchase orders, negotiating your own production prices, and find your own best method to ship products to your door



Shopify is hands down the best online software for hosting your own store on your own URL. It is an incredible tool that allows Amazon sellers to diversify their revenue by taking advantage of Google’s traffic. It also gives you the opportunity to capture customer email addresses so you can build a long term brand independent of Amazon.


Application necessity rating: 7/10
Current Deal: 14 day free trial then
Alternatives: WordPress with woocommerce



Sellics is our favorite platform for managing your inventory reorder timing, optimizing your pay per click ads, tracking your reviews, tracking your keyword rankings for each of your products, and ultimately keeping track of the profitability of each one of your products over time.

It will even let you keep tabs on your competitors, if that is something that you are into. A very powerful portal for anyone that doesn’t love doing these things themselves, OR for anyone with more than 1 product launched…


Application necessity rating: 4/10 for your first product – 8/10 for when you have multiple active
Current Deal: $77 per month, with no cancellation fees or minimum monthly commitment
Alternatives: AMZTracker (for some functionality) AmaSuite (for some functionality)


Viral Launch

Creating Perfect Images for your listing is one of the top things that you can do to ensure a successful product, both in your launch and in the long-term.

Not only does Viral Launch create stunning images for your products, they also have listing optimization and product launch services that you could potentially use to help launch your product.

Full disclaimer – we have not used the launch functionality from Viral Launch… Do your own investigation into this to see if it is valuable, and ensure that you are within Amazon’s Terms of Service as they continue to change… That being said, we have been VERY happy with the product images provided by Viral Launch.


Application necessity rating: 8/10
Current Deal: $597 for stunning product photos for your listing
Alternatives: Product Photography LLC, other On-white product photography companies, or taking photographs yourself


Tax Jar

Tax Jar helps Amazon sellers stay up to date and 100% compliant on their sales taxes. Yippee!

While sales taxes are fun for almost nobody… Tax Jar takes the difficulty out of it and makes paying your sales taxes as easy as a few clicks of a button. 1000 times better than the traditional bookkeeper folks we reached out to…!


Application rating: 8/10
Current Deal: 30 day free trial then $19 a month
Alternatives: Avalara




Supplier Outreach Message Template

This is the exact template that you can modify and use to reach out to every single supplier on Alibaba – for any and every product you source down the road. This template has saved us dozens of hours in work in order to attract and source the best suppliers on Alibaba for our products.

Product Purchase Order Contract Template

This template ensures that you and your supplier are 100% on the same page for the full scale production order that you are about to place, and details every aspect of your product so that there is very very little chance that your supplier messes up your order.

It also contains a provision that is VERY important for you – that states that for every week the production is delayed beyond the timeline given to you initially by your supplier, you will receive a 10% discount on your order.

This sentence alone would have saved Evan $44,000 if only we had had created this template for ourselves earlier!

Word for Word Job Posting to Find Your Own Rockstar Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are the Super Special Secret of the most effective entrepreneurs in the world – use this post to get yourself a Rockstar today.

Your Very First Business System – Stellar Operating Procedure Template

For your business to grow, it needs to be composed of systems. Use this template to begin to systematize all of the parts of your business that you would like to outsource so that you can laser-focus on your #1 priority.

Your Very First Business System – SOP on How to Create a Stellar Operating Procedure

An SOP on how to create SOPs… We know, so exciting.

But with this template, you will be able to outsource ANY task that you do not want to accomplish in the future by simply recording one video and having your Rockstar VA take it from there forever… 🙂

Double your five star review email template.

Use this template to turn all of your positive seller feedback into five star product reviews that are publicly displayed on your listing.


The never run out of stock calculator

Calculate when you need to reorder stock to never run out. You can also use this tool to get motivation by calculating how much money you lose everyday by if you were to run out of stock

Amazon product profit calculator

Calculate how much money you will make on your product. Tally up Amazon fees, product costs, shipping and all other miscellaneous costs to be sure your item will be profitable.


Barcode Suppliers:

GS1 Barcodes

Amazon is getting more strict on their barcodes, which means that they are cracking down on people who cut corners… But we know which database they use to check their barcodes against…Which is good news for you! Now that you know exactly how to play into this, you will not be exposed to the same amount of risk that others will.

We recommend getting your GS1 approved barcodes at the website above.


Freight Forwarders:

If you are shipping small and light products, you likely won’t need to worry about freight forwarders at all… You should be able to handle shipping with your supplier between Fedex, UPS, and DHL Express… But if you decide that you want to move forward on a bigger or bulkier product – then what?

We’ve got you covered.

Unique Logistics

If you are looking for Sea Shipping – we recommend that you use this company. They do great and reasonably priced work, getting your product where it needs to be on time.

If you want to reach out to them, do so here.

If you have a little more experience with sea shipping and need a lot of containers, this company (called Flexport) is a good option for consolidated and organized management as you are shipping more and more containers going forward.


Sourcing Agents:

Short on time? Want to spend less time sourcing your product? That’s a great idea if you have a little extra to spend!

Our first recommendation would be Guided Imports, which is listed above. Go check them out – they do phenomenal work.

Our second recommendation, if you are looking for more, would be this company called Fremont Lancaster. Though we have not used these ourselves, we have a few friends that have used them and have said very good things.


Inspection Agencies:

Before you ship your product from China – you should make sure that the quality of your product is up to par. This is the most critical part of the process, so that you are not buying and trying to sell low-quality products.

Here are 2 great companies that do full quality inspections in China:

  1. Asia Inspections
  2. Asia Quality Focus


Graphic Designers:

Not so great at design? No worries! It is super simple to outsource – and you can get some really great work for incredibly cheap. Check out some of our favorite freelance designers and see if they could help:

On Upwork:





On Fiverr:







We also really like 99 Designs, if you have more money to spare for a great design.



Our goal here is to ensure that you have access to the best suite of tools that we can possibly find for you, and to do that we are going to be constantly testing and evaluating all of the tools available to you as a seller on the Amazon marketplace… We’ll do all the dirty work in testing these tools, so you can rest assured knowing that you have our sincere vote of confidence that this tool will be an amazing value add for your business.

It’s important to note where possible, some of the links for the tools we love above will be affiliate links. This will help us help you even better without losing a lot of money in keeping this up to date every day. 🙂